We’ve been spending all our weekends at the beach lately! Beach days call for cute bikinis, healthy snacks, and of course, QTee apparel! I decided to match some of my favorite bikinis to QTee product for the perfect beach look.


My favorite bikini (that I’ve probably been wearing way too much this summer) is the Poppy bikini from Triangl in their Peach Soda color scheme. It’s so bright and colorful, and I love the fact that the material is neoprene. I matched this with my new QTee Beach Babes rep shirt! It’s perfect to throw this cute loose crop top over my bikini and the neon pink color brings out the pink accent on the bottoms as well! Ps- Don’t forget to order your QTee rep shirt ASAP! It’s only available until the end of July!


This Mikoh bikini is so adorable! I absolutely love the crochet detail. I matched the Tuamotu top with the Cayman bottom, and I got them both in the black and white marble print. If you want, you could get one of the solid bottoms and accent it with the printed top as well. This bikini matches PERFECTLY with our Minimalist Marble shoes from our Fashionlush Collection. It’s perfect to throw on these custom converse, a pair of shorts, and show off your bikini top and matching shoes while you walk along the boardwalk.


This Limahai Bandeau bikini from Acacia swimwear is perfect for a day of tanning. The bandeau style top is ideal because you won’t have tan lines from straps, and the bottoms are nice and cheeky for maximum skin exposure. This leopard print matches so well with our Leopard Love snapback hat. Even though you’ll be tanning, the skin on your face is much more sensitive and you may want to protect it mid-way through the day, and what better way then to shade your skin with a hat that matches your bikini!?!?


This bikini is definitely To Die For! (See what I did there?) This Carter Rose Yellow bikini has a white base with a floral pattern and is trimmed with yellow lace. I thought this looked SO cute with our Floral Sibel tote bag. It incorporates a similar floral pattern, and you can customize it to match the yellow tones in the bikini. Plus, it is the perfect size to fit all your beach essentials! Fair warning though, this bikini is very delicate, and the To Die For Swimwear website warns you that it’s not intended for strenuous water activities, so this is better to wear for a day of tanning, rather than a morning of surfing.


 There’s no better day to end a long day at the beach than with a bonfire (as long as the beach allows it!) with your best friends. The beach does get cold at night though, so I always make sure to bring a hoodie to keep warm after the sun goes down. I thought the Hawaii, I’m Gone hoodie looked SO cute with this San Lorenzo bikini. It’s from the Bahia collection and is the “Brasilia & White String Bow Back” bikini. I love the abstract floral pattern and I think the bow on the back of the bottom is adorable.


Enjoy the rest of your summer months and be sure to spend as much time as you can at the beach! If you end up matching any of your QTee apparel with your bikinis (or anything else) be sure to Instagram it and #LoveQTee, you may have a chance to get featured on our Instagram!