We just had some cool new graphics hit the site! I feel like I say this every time we release new graphics, but THESE ARE MY FAVORITE! (until the next release probably) Anyway, I wanted to show you how I customized some of our newest editions to the site. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to customize them!

Make sure you always get your “Daily Dose of Sunshine”. (For real though, Vitamin D is important) I customized this on a trucker hat and on a loose crop top. I love how this graphic looks on the bright pink loose crop, it really is the perfect color for the summer (and it matches one of my favorite bikinis, so that’s always an added plus) I figured the trucker hat is also perfect because when I am out in the sun, it’ll protect my face from the sun!


My motto in life is “When in doubt, vacation!” so I’m pretty sure our designers made this shirt specifically for me. I customized this graphic on a sports bra as well as a tote bag. I think the sports bra is so cute and is perfect for a lazy day (like when you really want to be on vacation). They are so comfy and I absolutely love mine! I also love this tote because well, it’s perfect for your vacation! When I go on weekend getaways to the beach, I always have a QTee tote with me to pack my towel and snacks, and I think this one is just too cute.

This “Geo Glam” graphic is so funky! I love how bright and colorful you can make it, it’s definitely be a statement piece! I customized this on a snapback hat and on a loose crop top. I think this is perfect for so many different occasions! You can wear it to the beach on a hot summer day, to dance class, or even just to a friend’s house!


How cute is this “Locals Only” graphic! To me, this graphic looks like I’m peeking out behind palm fronds and coming up to a secret location that only the locals know about. I absolutely love this design on the black muscle tee. I think the teal colors I chose really pop on it. I also love the matching “Locals Only” shoe. It’s so simple but so cute! I customized them to match my tank, but they look good in any color!


Do you like Piña Coladas? I do, and I also like this graphic… a lot. I love the vintage-y drink and the way the type was placed around the coconut. I personally customized this on a tote bag and a trucker hat. I love the fact that they match, although they aren’t EXACTLY the same.


We are always updating our graphics so keep a look out for new ones. Also, these graphics are LIMITED EDITION. So once a certain number of them sell, they won’t be printed anymore! And let’s be honest, these will sell out! (they’re too cute not to!) So stop reading this and customize yours now! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!