1. Where are you from? 

San Diego, California

2. What inspired your latest collection with QTee?

I visit Hawaii a lot and love the 'Aloha' vibe!

3. What’s your favorite part about QTee? 

I love that you can customize literally everything and that there are SO many awesome designs to choose from :)

4. Run us through a typical day with Izzy, what’s it like?

When I'm not working as a surf instructor, I will usually surf in the morning, grab a smoothie or juice, go shopping or to local farmers markets, and end the day by watching the sunset.

5. Where is your favorite place to travel to?

My favorite place (so far) is Hawaii. I love swimming with the turtles, sharks, fish, and other animals. I also love to explore the island and go on hikes to waterfalls. I plan to travel all over the world after I graduate so I'm sure I will have multiple favorite destinations in the next year or two.

6. How did you get started surfing and where did you learn?

I learned when I was ten years old at La Jolla Shores Beach-which is where I am teaching surf lessons now! I love sharing my passion of surfing with all the kids during camp, knowing that I used to be just like them. 

7. You’re a surfer AND a model. Tell us a little about your modeling career...

My mom was a model when she was my age so I really wanted to get into it! A little over 2 years ago I had my first photo shoot and have loved doing it every since! The best feeling is seeing your self in a magazine, website, or commercial 

8. What’s your hands down favorite food?

Dim Sum! Or Pho...or Thai...I have many favorites! Ha! 

9. Tell us a little about your hobbies? What do you like to do for fun?

I have been playing tennis since I was four! I also love to kayak, SUP, hike, and snorkel. I also considering eating as a hobby :P 

10. What’s next on your agenda?

I have one more year of school and I will be graduating with a degree in Environmental Business. 

11. If you could pick a celebrity crush, who would it be?

Dave Franco ;)

12. Lastly, what are some words you can offer to girls who are looking at getting into surfing? What advice would you give them?

Start by taking a surf camp or private lesson and learning the basics of surfing. Once you get the hang of it you can practice on your own! Those that already do it, keep on going! I know it may seem difficult at times but once you get to where you wanted to be, you will look back and be proud of all the hard work you put into it!

Be sure to check out Izzy's "Aloha Collection", inspired by the spirit of Hawaii!

Photos by: @baylybuckphotography